Support for your patients taking TYVASO®

Specialty Pharmacy providers work to get your patients started on therapy in a timely manner

In order to help your patients get the most out of treatment with TYVASO, we contract with Specialty Pharmacies to provide reimbursement support, guidance on financial assistance, and in-home training.

The Specialty Pharmacy helps by reviewing insurance coverage and financial assistance options, arranging shipping of TYVASO, and scheduling in-home training visits.

TYVASO is distributed by the following Specialty Pharmacies:

Phone: 1-866-344-4874
Fax: 1-800-711-3526

Phone: 1-877-242-2738
Fax: 1-877-943-1000

Specialty Pharmacy process flow

This is a general overview of the support process to share with your patients. This process may vary based on individual circumstances or need.


HCP faxes Referral Form to Specialty Pharmacy (SP).

SP may contact patient after receipt of form, prior to contacting insurance company. Inform patient that SP will be calling and to answer the call (it may be an 866 or 877 number).

See Sample Referral Form.


SP contacts patient’s insurance company to discuss coverage.

SP will reach out to HCP with additional requests from insurance company.


SP notifies patient of the insurance company’s approval, discusses any uncovered costs by insurance company, and provides basic info about Co-Pay Assistance Program, if applicable.


SP reaches out to patient to discuss HCP’s order and schedules shipment.


An SP nurse contacts patient to coordinate start of therapy and in-home training visits.

Simplify the process of getting patients started on therapy

iAssist is a comprehensive and efficient specialty therapy initiation platform. A no-cost, cloud-based solution that simplifies the complex process of getting patients on specialty therapy.

Register and get patients started.

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Questions? iAssist’s Customer Support Team is available to help you Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 8 PM, ET

The Archways program offers a United Therapeutics Virtual Patient Educator to support patients as they begin their journey with TYVASO

The Archways program offers a variety of educational resources including a Virtual Patient Educator, available at no cost for patients starting treatment with TYVASO, and their caregivers.

Once they’ve been prescribed TYVASO, patients can enroll in the Archways program. Patients will then be contacted by a United Therapeutics Patient Educator to talk one-on-one via phone or video chat, to review:

  • Disease information
  • Details about starting TYVASO
  • Questions about how to use the device
  • What to expect when getting started in the Specialty Pharmacy process

To get started:

United Therapeutics and the Archways program do not provide medical advice. Patients are advised to consult with their HCP with any specific questions or concerns about their treatment.

Hospital access support

The TYVASO Institutional Starter Kit (ISK) has all of the materials you need to initiate TYVASO therapy in the hospital setting, including enough medication for 4 days of therapy.

If additional medication is needed, 4-packs of medication ampules are available for order separately.

The ISK is for single-patient use only and includes:

  • 2 TYVASO Inhalation Systems (devices)
  • All required assembly components (plastic accessories, medicine cups, and 3 power sources for operation)
  • One 4-pack of TYVASO medication ampules
  • TYVASO Inhalation System Instructions for Use manual

Steps to access the ISK:

  • Contact the selected Specialty Pharmacy to set up a new wholesale account, which can take a few days to activate, or to place wholesale purchase order
  • Your order will be shipped directly to the hospital from the Specialty Pharmacy

IMPORTANT: To help avoid extended hospital stays due to time required for outpatient insurance approval, it is important to complete a TYVASO Referral Form if the patient is going to continue taking TYVASO after discharge.

Financial assistance

ASSIST provides access and financial assistance

ASSIST (Access Solutions and Support Team) logo
  • ASSIST helps patients determine if they qualify for United Therapeutics’ patient assistance programs
  • Patients can contact an ASSIST advisor by calling 1-877-UNITHER  (1-877-864-8437), Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM to 7 PM ET
  • A web portal is available for healthcare professionals at

Co-Pay Assistance Card*

Most eligible TYVASO patients who enroll may pay as little as a $5.00 co-pay per prescription

With the Co-Pay Assistance Card, most eligible patients who enroll may pay as little as a $5 co-pay per prescription,
up to $8000 in savings per year.

For full program details and Terms and Conditions, visit

*To enroll in this Program, your patients must understand and agree to comply with the eligibility requirements and terms of use.

Eligibility requirements for this Program are:

  • Patients must be 18 years or older to use this Program.
  • Patients using Medicare, Medicaid, or any other state or federal government program to pay for their medications are not eligible. Patients who start utilizing government coverage during the term of the Program will no longer be eligible.
  • The Program is valid only for patients with commercial (also known as private) insurance who are taking the medication for an FDA-approved indication. The Program is only valid for the cost of the treprostinil product and not applicable to any related supplies or other medical expenses associated with administering the product.
  • Eligible patients must be residents of the US or Puerto Rico. The Program is subject to additional state law restrictions. Patients residing in select states may not be eligible for the Program.

AE=adverse event; PH-ILD=pulmonary hypertension associated with interstitial lung disease.